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Teaser Image For Project

2012-05-30 11:57:01 by MonkeyNuke

Coming Christmas 2012
Follow the process online at Monkeynuke Minus.

I guess I lied.

Teaser Image For Project

Last Update of The Year!

2010-12-31 07:58:31 by MonkeyNuke

Last update of the year and its quite a weird one full of updates, announcements and cancellations.

I have started my own Graphics and Film company project. Its aim is to help me live through Uni and to show my talents around.
I may have some plans in my mind of where i want the company to go...but they are at the moment just a pipe dream.


THE RED VS BLUE FLASH COLLAB is coming to a close, two pieces left to be completed. Aiming for a February release, anyone who is interested in joining the project is still welcome as long as they have a fast turn around speed or are so awesome the deadline is extended haha!


Aiming for mid-year release.

Check this out :)

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Last Update of The Year!

Christmas Spirit Part 2 NEW INFO.

2010-08-25 09:31:44 by MonkeyNuke

Christmas Spirit 2 work is now fully underway. Mario has had a slight re-design as seen in the attached image and a whole cast of new voice actors has joined on to the project. The guy who voices Mario , Tony King is awesome, and Alec who is now the voice of Master Chief is just as good!

This project is gonna be awesome when finished. I was gonna create it on a 1080px x 720px stage becasue the backgrounds looked amazing! nice and clear no overload on detail, but not to plain either. Its going to be awesome and I can't wait to get Alec's voices in and get some more intense animation going on!!

The Cast as of now is:
Alec Morrison - Master Chief
Tony King - Mario
and Dave Cottone (TBC)

So if you havn't seen SFTCS Part 1 , check it out now before Christmas 2010 so you are up to speed. Part 2 is much funnier, much more plot orientated and better artwork!

Watch out for it this Christmas!

Christmas Spirit Part 2 NEW INFO.

Media A2 Movie.

2010-01-25 16:55:25 by MonkeyNuke

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You can find Christmas Spirit here : Yes here don't forget to vote 5 and recommend it to the Christmas 2009 Collection :)

Also, Im auditioning people for SFTCS Parts 2-4 if you are interested keep on reading.

The main characters I'm looking for are Mario and Chief , but there will be several extras throughout the series...

To try out for the charachters you can do it in different ways.

1.Send me a show reel of voices including Mario and Master Chief
2.Request a scene (or two) from part 1, i will send the .fla and replace my voice with your own.
3.Request lines from the script for Part 2

Contact me via NG Personal Messages or add me on MSN:

This is also where you should send your entries to.

Thanks for taking interest =D
/ Monkeynuke,

Good Luck :)

Thats right its coming....

The Cooking Few Minutes!

2008-08-30 12:10:34 by MonkeyNuke

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Its a video on youtube , that me and LordCurtimo made (yes that means its a CreamyGrue movie)
Its actually awesome apparently ... people have told us its amazing without that 'just nod and go with it' face

Good sign

watch , vote , enjoy.

yes i do have a flash movie on the way.


2008-08-03 10:17:39 by MonkeyNuke

My flash life is a changing
im putting the Christmas Spirit on haitus. it will be finished , but in my own time.
im working on other things , like a game with my good freind Cai Wengi

I also have my own project to work on The Wardlers(concept name)
its a very simple animation , very weebl and bob , but with more charchter :)

So its a new start for good old Monkeynuke...i think im going to get a new username too , ask for a change ...'Sawdust' is what im currently thinking :)

well the sequels gonna be fittttttt
It takes place almost directly affter the ending of the first part , exept maybe a little different
(come on if scubs can do it why cant I)
well proof of fitness is below.
Going by my record of animation it should be complete by the end of the year (maybe earlier if im lucky)
well the main reason for it taking so long to come forth and actually be given a real screenshot that could be used is that i wanted it to be perfectly designed before announced , and i believe the image below is suitable.
I doubt your all bothered , but i know i am , and hopefully i shud get an award once released . Once part 2 is complete i shall create part 3 , then move onto something more original -
I alrrady have plans :D

You Know that movie a made a while back?

The Lag In Real Life Collab!

2008-03-06 15:35:35 by MonkeyNuke


The collab is basicly to make a short peice on what it would be like to have lag in real life , it can be anything , from a traffic jam having lag or sombody just trying to get from point A to point B with difficulties , just try and make it as original and funny as possible - imagine Lag experiences from such games as Halo 3 or COD4 etc...

If you are interested in joining please go to the Collabs NGC page (Here)